How often do you say, “I’ll do just one more thing before I leave for my appointment”? Or “I’ll just finish up one more thing in the office before I end for the day”? Or “I’ll do one more thing before I go to bed”?

And, if you are a “one more thinger” . . . how often does it stop at ONE? Or is it more like “one more thing” and “one more thing” and “one more thing”?

Knowing your tendencies and building a time management plan that builds on these tendencies is a key to success when it comes to building Your Big Yes Blueprint for Success.

So, if you typically SAY “I’ll do one more thing” but then do FIVE “one more things” (which makes you late for an appointment, or you get to bed later than is comfortable for you, or you feel rushed to accomplish your priorities) own it!

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Know that doing more than “one” one more thing is how you operate. Sure, eliminating this habit would leave you with more breathing room during your day. However, this isn’t who you are! Instead of “going cold turkey” by eliminating all the “one more things” from you life, build it into your plan. Just as I earlier explained how to schedule your procrastination, know you will do “one more thing” and prepare for it.

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Here’s how.

Tell yourself, I’m only going to do ONE “one more thing” – then deliberately choose which “one more thing” it is going to be. (If you need to set a timer to stay on track, do so. If you need to share a deadline with a friend, family member or co-worker to keep you honest, do so.)  The key to your success is to be aware of your natural inclination, then build some structure around this, so you can be more efficient, effective, and productive – and NOT to try to “discipline” yourself to be different.

Doing “one more thing” is a great time management strategy!  You can accomplish 7 “one more things” each week. It becomes a detriment only when it pulls your focus, time, and energy away from other activities you’ve deemed important. Being able to build Your Big Yes Blueprint for Success will allow you to create your perfect vision for your perfect life – and follow it!

Stay authentic – rather than force yourself into a mold of the way you “should” work, instead work the way it’s natural for you and adjust your plan to fit.

Can’t figure out what’s natural? Find yourself doing TEN “one more things” on a regular basis?

Consider getting some objective help!  With a little coaching, you can easily achieve the perfect balance between your business and personal lives. You can develop a framework and a system that allows you to put first things first -and live a life of purpose, accomplishment, and fun. You can turn ideas into action – schedule a complimentary Discovery Session.

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