Recently I wrote a post regarding creating and using solutions that take your unique gifts, hopes, dreams, abilities, and strengths into account.  I built on the idea that since each person is different, the solutions should also be different.  One size really doesn’t fit all

This post generated a couple of emails asking the question, “Is there ever a time you can use a ‘standard system’?  Do you always need to reinvent the wheel?”

Awesome question!  Using efficient systems is a great time management strategy – and since we are celebrating National Simplify Your Life Week – what a great opportunity to simplify!  But, thinking you need to create every system from scratch can certainly be overwhelming. (FYI, previous posts included Starting with the End in Mind, and Deleting Activities)

Ideally, you would want customized systems for every area in your life.  You are unique and your solutions should be also.

systemsavvy consulting questionHowever, the time and effort needed to constantly create systems from scratch could be counterproductive.  So how can you decide if you can use a standard system? 



A few guidelines –

  • First – Look for systems that have already been proven successful.  Many direct sales companies have systems that work.  Mary Kay Cosmetics recommends a 2 + 2 + 2 system when contacting customers.  They advocate contacting each person 2 days, 2 weeks, and 2 months after they make a purchase.  This approach has been successful for thousands and thousands of consultants.
  • Second – Identify people who are in a position that you want to be in.  Then, implement some of the systems they use to be efficient.  The key is to only implement systems from people who are in a position you want to attain.  This could include morning routines, a sales process, or possibly a system for paperwork.
  • Third – Use checklists for recurring activities.  You can find checklists online for everything from wedding planning to packing for vacation to starting a new business to meal planning to prepare your taxes and everything in between.  Find a few areas that you can become more efficient, print out a checklist, and implement.

Keep in mind even the most well created and well tested solutions may not be perfect.  Just because successful people have become more efficient using these systems, doesn’t mean they will work perfectly for you.  Be flexible and willing to adapt.

  • Maybe you need to create an evening routine instead of a morning routine based on your biorhythms and schedule. 
  • Or maybe you start with a proven checklist for packing for vacation and adapt it to use for packing for a business trip.

The key is to be flexible.

What solutions have you had success with?  Where could you become more efficient? 

If you find that you are struggling to pick applicable systems – I’d love to assist.  I pride myself in creating and adapting solutions for all of my clients.  If you are trying to reach your next goal and are struggling to create change let’s chat.  Sign up for a No Obligation Find More Time Strategy Session. During this session you will gain clarity on your goals, uncover the hidden obstacles to your success, and leave energized to design the life of your dreams.  You are guaranteed to have at least one Ah-Ha moment and actionable idea that will catapult your plan to success.  What do you have to lose?

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