Accomplishing your goals is like learning to ride a bike. You move forward creating success, then you fall off, regroup, and jump back on the back. Over and over and over.

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Does this mean you are “bad” at creating goals? Or, you “aren’t good enough” to create and sustain focused action?

No, it means you are human! Making some progress today, then reverting to “old habits” is normal. So normal, in fact, that it has a name, “backsliding”.

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One way to reduce the amount of backsliding that occurs as you strive to accomplish a goal is to use some support. You could team up with someone to help keep you on track.

You can create a daily checklist to keep you moving forward.

You can use a system to assist you in remaining focused.

Once strategy I like to use to help me stay the course is to concentrate on the 3 stages of A.W.E.

90 Day Accountability Journal

90 Day Accountability Journal

The following is an excerpt from Create A.W.E. Inspired Change – A 90 Day Accountability Journal


A – Awareness

Where are you and where do you want to be? Sometimes we can jump in trying to solve a symptom of the problem, not the actual problem. We are looking for the “quick fix”, the “magic formula”, the “save 10 minutes a day” approach. When in actuality, by not addressing the actual problem we can solve a symptom and a new one will pop right up.
For example, one strategy to reduce lateness is to set the clocks ahead 10 minutes in the house, the car, and the office. However, the REASON you may be late is because your schedule is jam packed filled to the gills full. It doesn’t matter how much you set your clocks ahead if you have too much to do each day.

Spend some time thinking about these questions . . .
• What do you want to change?
• What have you tried before?
• What is standing in your way?
• What are you willing to do?
• What are you willing to give-up?
• What resources do you need?
• What is working in your life?
• What isn’t working?
• If you could have anything – what do you want?
• If you could do anything – what would it be?


W – Work with Focused Action and Accountability

Action steps – create a plan! What will you do today to start you on the path of making this change? A goal without a plan is just a dream. To move forward and create change we actually need to work. I don’t advocate working HARD, I advocate working DILIGENTLY. Master your schedule – learn time saving techniques and strategies. Create a solid and do-able plan with daily action steps.
• What are the absolute smallest steps you can take each day?
• Delegate?

• Delete activities?
• Create a power hour?
• Network?
• Turn off the TV?
• Practice self-care?
• Meditate?
• Exercise?
• Contact a coach?


E- Evaluation

Examine your plan – and your steps to completion. This is the time to really fine-tune your processes and procedures. Maybe you need to adjust your goal. Maybe you need to adjust your action steps. The greatest learning is in “the debrief”.
• What worked?
• What didn’t?
• What can you adjust?
• How will you need to fine tune your plan?


What do you use to keep you on track when you are working diligently to accomplish a big goal?  Post your comment below!

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