Do you take regular breaks during your work day?  I know that I can become so focused that hours can pass by before I notice it.  Yes – that means I’m sitting, at my desk, typing on my computer, without moving, for hours.  Umm . . . not healthy in a physical or a mental sense!

I know this isn’t great for my productivity. Honestly my brain starts to get a little less “sharp.”  Tasks take longer. I’m not as creative.  However, I’m just not aware of the passage of time.

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Because I know this about my work style, I know that I need to build structure into my day to make sure I take short breaks.  Move around.  Clear my head.  Two of my favorite strategies are …

  1. Set a timer so I’m reminded to move and stretch.
  2. Schedule phone calls throughout the day instead of back-to-back to provide some natural breaks.

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Here’s a great graphic from that gives some other helpful suggestions on taking breaks.  Though this was created for the “traditional work place break room” I believe it applies to those of us who work from home also!

It’s YOUR TURN. How do you ensure that you break up your day to stay mentally and physically fit? Comment below!

If you don’t see how you can make time for even short breaks, it may be time for some outside help.


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