Isn’t that a great name for a resource for entrepreneurs?

I was recently interviewed for the  Go Fire Yourself podcast by Laurel Staples.  She is a recovering engineer who quit her corporate job in 2007 to work for herself full-time. Today, she runs her own successful photography business shooting musicians and other creative folks in Nashville, TN (check it out: Nashville Photo Gal) and loves every minute of it.

But she won’t llaurel staplesie to you, it’s been an intense journey with a lot of mistakes along the way. So that’s why she created her blog –to share her journey and the stories of other amazing “quitters” in order to inspire you to follow your passion, avoid common pitfalls, and provide all the tools you need to grow a successful business from scratch.

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If you are ready to move to the next level in your business but feel overwhelmed by day-to-day living, this GFY episode is for you.

If you create plans to succeed time and time again, only to run out of energy/time/motivation on a daily basis before you can implement them, you are not alone.

Listen In to our interview, “Skyrocket Your Productivity!

What were your favorite parts of the interview?