I have talked often about the importance of delegation and all the things a Virtual Assistant can do for you.

Holly Matson

Holly Matson

This time I’ve asked my own assistant Holly Matson, of Lightseeds by Holly, to offer her thoughts on specific tasks that can be effectively delegated to a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants exist in nearly any specialty you can imagine, just as employees do in the “real world.” A virtual assistant is, of course, an independent contractor and not an employee, and can be a freelance assistant (working for multiple clients) or dedicated to one client. He or she may have more general skills, or may be very specialized and expert in one area.

Consider the list below and compare it with your own delegation needs.

Which of these is on your list? Which SHOULD be?

After you have assessed what specific tasks you can (and should) delegate, consider how much time each might take in a week – get a rough estimate of the amount of time you’ll need help.

Now take another look at that time estimate. Look closely. Do you realize what that represents? That represents the amount of time you are releasing from your own schedule!  Imagine the possibilities!


  • Data entry – mailing list, contact list, client list
  • Transcription of meetings or calls
  • Calendar management
  • Email screening – clean up spam, prioritize responses
  • Research
  • Virtual switchboard – set up the technology to have a VA handle your calls for you
  • Purchasing/supplies, print management
  • File management (paper and digital)
  • Word processing


  • Hotel
  • Air or ground transportation
  • Car rental
  • On-the-road assistant (or a helper from a participating venue)
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  • Website
  • Training systems
  • E-commerce
  • SEO management
  • Database management
  • Webinars
  • Shared phone or computer systems


  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales systems management


  • Blog post and article management and population to the internet
  • Training materials
  • Sales campaigns
  • Customer service
  • Presentations
  • Client communications like newsletters
  • Proofing, editing, layout
  • Self-publishing and e-books


  • Social media management
  • Online marketing, advertising
  • Joint ventures and other target promotions

Graphic Arts

  • Creation of image quotes (memes) and other business related images
  • Logo, banner and sign creation
  • Marketing or published material design

Event Coordination

  • Invitations
  • Registration
  • Vendor/speaker coordination
  • Catering coordination
  • Training materials
  • Timeline (project management)
  • Scheduling
  • Venue coordination

Whew! That’s quite a list – and I’m sure it’s not complete.

Thanks so much, Holly! Now it’s your turn! What’s on your plate that you could delegate? Hit reply below and share! And if you could use some support coming up with your task list, be sure to contact me!

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