Is it possible to spend less time at work and still maintain (or increase) productivity?  As a time strategy visionary, my answer is a resounding YES!

My favorite technique when working with clients around “saving time” is to take a look at their tasks and determine which of these tasks they can delegate.  A by-product of delegating tasks is that small business owners and entrepreneurs can reduce their hours worked without a drop in productivity – because they are consciously deciding to work on their priorities and all other tasks are delegated. By strategically choosing items each day that will move the business forward – big picture items that only the owner can do – they are focusing on the most important tasks.  Tasks such as creating new programs, making operating decisions, and working with clients, are examples of value added tasks.

Then, delegate the small picture stuff.  Each business has tasks that are integral to keeping the business organized and moving in the correct direction, but these tasks do NOT need to be completed by the owner.  Tasks such as invoicing clients, making deposits, shopping for supplies, creating marketing materials, and updating social media are critical tasks, but are tasks that can be delegated.

ʺIf you want something done right, be an outstanding delegator.ʺ ~Linda Eve Diamond


AWESOME Question!

Sounds simple, right?  But, as one commenter wrote on a previous blog post – what do you do if you don’t have a team to delegate to? In these previous posts, I listed a few resources you could delegate to.

One of my favorite resources is a Virtual Assistant.  For many solopreneurs, the days of needing office help physically in your office is a thing of the past.  VA’s specialize in so many areas – from editing to invoicing to scheduling to social media marketing to . . . (Can you believe the International Virtual Assistants Association lists 101 Ways to Use a VA!?)  

Personally, I’ve used two VA’s – and would highly recommend them both.  Cindy Opong from Creative Assistants set up my affiliate program when I launched my first program.  For day-to-day social media marketing and editing and proofing, I work with Holly Matson from Lightseeds Office.

There are also VA’s that specialize in one type of support – for example, Mary Kay Directors can use MKVO for tasks specific to leading a Mary Kay unit.

Once the business owner concentrates on only working on big picture tasks and delegating the small picture tasks – the result is they can spend less time working in their business.  Many of my clients have found that by devoting time on creating new products and offerings, productivity has actually increased!

What could you spend that “extra” time on?  Have you considered using a VA?  What tasks are you currently doing that you could delegate?  Please post your thoughts below!