You’ve thought about “it”.  What’s keeping you from doing “it”?

You’ve considered switching jobs, starting your own business, hiring a coach, buying a new house, relocating to a warmer climate, going back to school, calling the “intimidating” client,
asking for a referral . . .

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What’s holding you back?

Name it!  Whatever the piece is – name it!

Lack of resources, lack of knowledge, lack of money, lack of knowing the next step, lack of confidence . . .

Now – identify ONE thing you can do to fill this “lack”.

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Asking a friend for help.  Spending 15 minutes on the internet researching.  Sitting in silence for 10 minutes imagining the possibilities if you were successful.  Rereading client testimonials.

Now – once  you’ve started to turn your “lack” into abundance – do “it”.  Whatever “it” is!!!!

Thinking about doing “it” is draining.  Taking one action step is exhilarating.

Take one step today.  Write your step in the comment section below!

You know that old saying about “can’t see the forest for the trees”? Sometimes you can’t see the obstacles that are right in front of you – you just feel them.  When that happens, reach for an objective outside voice, someone to help you work your way around that “it” you just identified. With a little coaching, you can break through the “lack” and jump right into success!

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