I spent a good part of the summer taking my (local) clients to lunch. It was a great experience! I’m fortunate that I only work with GREAT people…and truly enjoyed connecting with them on a personal level. Plus, I was able to get their perspective on my marketing. Who better than people that are actually your ideal people to give you insight on what words resonate!?

During these lunches, the conversation would invariably turn to a nugget (or two) that they took away from our coaching.


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Lexi (not her real name – lol) shared that her 5 x 7 notebook has drastically changed her productivity. She keeps it with her everywhere she goes.

  • When she has an idea for a new product, she captures it in her notebook.
  • If she meets someone new and wants to follow-up with an email, she captures it in her notebook.
  • When she’s in a committee meeting, she captures her notes and to-do’s in her notebook.
  • When she checks voicemail, she logs the calls in her notebook.

Prior to using the notebook, she had business cards, scraps of paper, and ideas everywhere. Some in her purse, some in her car, some on her desk, some in her pocket – that went through the wash! This led to shaky follow-up with clients and potential clients, stress over possibly forgetting something, and a general feeling of not feeling in control of her life and business.

Now that she has a notebook to capture all the pieces of her life – perfection!

Just imagine…no more hunting, worrying, losing notes! Everything you need is with you, in one compact package. Essentially, you’re journaling your day so you never lose track of ideas, contacts, reminders and tasks.

Think of this notebook concept for your own life. What ideas do you have for items to capture in your notebook? How would you organize it – in sections or simply free flowing? What do you want the notebook to look like? Make it a fun, interesting, personal and practical resource!

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