In a recent post, I mentioned that a husband and wife team had recently switched up their schedules to help them focus on their priorities.  The wife was having great results as she had decided to focus a chunk of her day to prospecting – and this focus was paying off in new business.

Her husband, however, was struggling with his new schedule.

He easily identified his priorities.  He easily created a schedule that was representative of his priorities.

However, he struggled to follow the schedule. AND – not for the reasons I typically see.

  • He wasn’t easily distracted
  • He didn’t procrastinate
  • He didn’t switch gears part way through the day to follow a shiny object
  • He didn’t vastly underestimate the time a task would take so he “fell behind”
  • He didn’t get caught up in answering email, social media, etc.

Nope – he started the scheduled portion of his day too early!  He’s not a morning person, yet he scheduled activities starting at 5 am.

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Now, I know many people advocate being a member of the “5 am club”.  “This is the time to get “stuff” done when no one else is awake,” they share.

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I don’t advocate blindly following this advice.  I advocate figuring out the amount of sleep you need to be productive and using that information to determine what time your day should start.  So maybe your “5 am” looks a little more like “7 am”.  What’s wrong with that?  To be productive, your schedule needs to match your strengths!

So, now, the husband and wife team are still creating a schedule that reflects their priorities.  They just don’t start and end their day at the same time.  She starts early – he shifted his start time a bit later.  She ends a little earlier – he is still going strong in the late-afternoon / early evening.


Your turn! When during the day do you feel most creative and energized? How do you maximize your productivity during that time?

If you can’t seem to identify that best time, take action and reach out! Schedule a complimentary discovery session with me – let’s start maximizing your strengths!

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