I was recently at a networking event, and a colleague mentioned that she and her husband had recently switched their schedules a little.  She was really excited about the positive changes that were occurring due to a couple of little tweaks.

One of the biggest changes she noticed for herself was that she was generating more leads because she made sure she dedicated time in her schedule for prospecting.  Then she said, “It’s amazing – what I focus my time on is what I receive more of!”

I LOVE THAT!  It’s what we focus our time on – the activities we make a priority in our calendar, the tasks we hold as a priority – that leads directly to our results.

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In The Big Leap, author Gay Hendricks shares a story about his client.  The client’s goal was to write a book.  When she described her typical day – it went like this . . .

  • get the kids off to school
  • straighten the house (cook, laundry, dishes, dust, sweep, etc.)
  • write until the kids get home (if there is time)
  • spend time with family

Gay shared with the client that it seems like having a clean house was more important than writing the book.  The client exclaimed, “Of course not!”

Yet . . . her actions supported the belief that a clean house was more important than writing a book, since she devoted time in that area first, and whatever time was left over she used for her writing.

One small tweak – flipping the order of activities:  write first, then use the “left-over” time to clean – produced a published book.

One small tweak with my colleague produced a substantial increase in income.

Be careful where you choose to spend your time, as those are the results you will receive.  If you are unsure, do a time audit.  Jot down the activities you choose to spend time on each day, and how long you actually spend on each activitiy.  This doesn’t need to be a complicated process – just jotting the data down in your calendar will work.

Once you complete this activity for a week, evaluate.  Where are you spending your time?  What is important to you? Is there a correlation here?  If not, make some changes!

Check back next week for my collegue’s husband’s results . . . as they differ a bit!

Now, I want to hear from you! Where could you do a “small tweak” to produce dramatic results? Comment below – I really do want to hear from you!

And if you feel stuck with no options, or confused about what to tweak, there’s always outside help. A little coaching is the answer!  Take advantage of my complimentary 30-minute Discover More Time Strategy Session.

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