Most business people work every day on multi-step projects. You usually do it all without missing a beat. But what about those days when you’re constantly interrupted? In the real world, unless you live in a bubble, when you’re distracted it’s easy to miss a step.

One way to make sure you don’t miss something is to create a checklist.

A checklist allows you the ability to continue to increase your efficiency in the process as you fine tune it, but also acts as a guide so you can pick up a task after an interruption without missing a step.

I advise clients that if you regularly do something that has more than one step then a checklist may be the solution.

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For instance, if you have a process for signing a new client, make a list:  contact information, goals, contract details, scheduling.

Or perhaps you sometimes forget a step or two in publishing a your client newsletter; make a list of which template to use when,  goal dates, settings to use, mailing lists, links review, social sharing buttons, and so on.

Where can you store your checklists?

I have checklists for my end of the day, end of the week, and end of the month tasks on an index card on the corner of my desk.  Checklists for specific projects are stored in Google Drive, others are stored stapled to the front of the project folder.  Vacation checklists are stored in my phone.  For those “miscellaneous” checklists, I even have a folder titled “checklists”.

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It may seem that I’m checklist obsessed, but that’s only because I know the value of using this simple tool. It feels much better to simply look at a list rather than try to remember all the steps and hope I’m not forgetting something.

If you are not currently using lists like this, try it on one process you do frequently, and notice how much easier it feels!

Feeling overwhelmed?  Let’s have a chat about what other steps you can take. Reach out for a session with me!

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