I recently shared some ideas my clients have given me about making time – and enforcing it! – for self-care. (Read the post here.) I admit that I’m guilty of letting my self care activities slide a bit when things get busy. I’ve learned from past mistakes that if I try to “fit in” time later, that time never comes. There always seems to be something urgent popping up!

Instead of trying to squeeze in some “me time,” I regularly block out time for rest, relaxation, and yoga.

My friend Laura Licursi, founder of Elite Virtual Assistants, shared some important information about how she overcame this same struggle.

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What helped me was scheduling time to exercise right into my calendar; if I treat it as an appointment I’m more apt to do it than mentally making a note of it. I don’t say that I “want” to exercise…I say I “have” to. The challenge is finding something that you can get the most results with the least amount of time.

One of Laura’s tricks is doing a quick, 20-minute workout daily, and she shares her favorites here.

20-Minute Kettleball HIIT Workout. Good, all over workout you can do in under 20 minutes (Laura’s personal favorite and go-to workout).

Tracy Anderson’s 15 Minute Total Body Workout (video) Good, all-over plank position workout.

However you choose to maintain your physical well-being, stamina and energy flow, take a tip from Laura and schedule fitness and self-care into your daily calendar. This is especially important at the holiday season, when your routine may be off and indulgence on! Besides fitness, be sure to allow plenty of down time to allow your mind, and your physical brain, to relax as well. Balance!

If you find that taking this needed ME-time is a challenge because you struggle to say “no” to others’ requests, here is a suggestion. Download my webinar, Protect Your Big Yes: Learn to Say No. You’ll find valuable tips to help you maintain your boundaries at any time of year, and especially at the busy holiday season, so that you can work less, achieve more, AND stay fit and healthy!

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