Even the most productive of us can get stuck in a rut.

I recently received this email from a former client Jim, who struggled with constant interruptions (don’t we all, at some point?). Jim’s sales team is one of the top performing teams in  his company.  He’s a great sales trainer, and one of the things that makes him so great is his ability to coach, motivate, and lead his team.  However, he  was struggling to “get it all done”.  He was facing the questions many leaders face – how do you balance supporting your team with completing the administrative work?

Jim says, “I have always had an open door policy and to my team that seemed to mean they could just walk in to my office any time and make their issues more important than me getting my projects done.”

Together we created a system to balance Jim’s needs with those of his team. He came up with a way  to complete his long range projects that were critical to the success of the team – and to make sure each of the sales professionals had access to the resources they needed to excel at their jobs.  One strategy he implemented was to check in with his team first thing in the morning and again towards the end of the day.  Thus leaving the middle of the day open for his priorities.

People stopping in his office weren’t the only interruptions that Jim faced each day.

“Next were the e-mails and phone calls. They were constant. Now I have a system to prioritize them. I am still getting them and I am still handling them,  the difference is  I am making them fit into my schedule and priorities. They are not all emergencies.”

Jim adopted a proactive approach to email and phone interruptions.  Rather than Jim responding to each as it occurred, he now schedules time in his day to handle both.

This is an important point – you can balance your client’s or your team member’s needs with your own.

Jim HamlinWith your help I am able to take it to a whole new level. Thanks for all your help and If someone would like to talk to me I would be more than happy to tell them about how much you have helped me.” – Jim Hamlin, Hunton Distribution

Jim did a great job in taking charge of his day – what changes can you make to do the same?  Please post below!

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