Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe.  This is what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks.  Somehow (it always amazes me how this happens!) I’ve been receiving over 200 emails each day between my personal and business email.

And, to be honest, I delete most of them without even opening them.

Some I put into the “Read This Later File”.  (Which I may or may not read later . . . a topic we’ll discuss on a later date!)

Others I act on immediately – read and delete, reply, or put a notation on my to-do list to address at a later time.

But for most of the emails, I clicked the “unsubscribe here” button and unsubscribed.

Why do you care?  PART 1

I’m sure I’m not the ONLY ONE with an overflowing inbox!  Here are some questions to ask as you decide whether or not to unsubscribe . . .

  • Retail coupons – how often do you ACTUALLY shop there?
  • Professional Organization E-Blasts – Do you still belong to this organization?  Are you still interested in supporting their message?
  • Automatic notifications – So do you really NEED (or WANT) to receive a notification every time someone posts in a group on LinkedIn, comments on Facebook, or Retweets one of your Tweets?
  • Newsletters from service providers – Are you still interested in their service?  Do you find value in their tips and strategies?

Sure, it took a little extra time to unsubscribe or change my group settings instead of just hitting delete – but the time invested on the front end will certainly pay dividends many times over.  I’m anticipating a VERY streamlined inbox in about a month.  Already, after 2 weeks, I’m averaging 50% fewer emails each day.

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Why do you care?  Part 2

As I prepared this blog post for you today, I wondered – am I providing YOU with the type of information your need to be successful?  Or, are you ready to “unsubscribe”?

You can live a life that is proactive, productive, and purposeful.

You can have a life that is relaxing, rewarding, and full of results.

You can enjoy a day filled with focus, fun, and freedom.

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Thank you for helping me help you!

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