Boundaries: Lately a big topic here in this blog, because it’s an important issue for any entrepreneur.  Amanda recently told us how she succeed in preventing everyone from wanting “a piece of her“,  I described how Rosie and Ariel learned to honor their own agendas, and my VA Holly offered some tools to set boundaries in your home-based work.

Lany-2014-headshotRecently I was offered the opportunity to talk with an expert on setting boundaries: Lany Sullivan of Reach. Connect. Uplift. Women. This wonderful community led by Lany is all about personal and professional resources for women. As women, no matter whether we work from home or outside, or work as a homemaker and mother, we all have our boundaries tested on a daily basis. And in fact often we don’t have boundaries at all! One of the core values of Lany’s community is:

We do what it takes and are resourceful with what we have.

And in order to be resourceful with your talents, your time, and your energy, you must set and honor your limits each day.  For instance, be sure you have set parameters for:

  • Work hours
  • Returning emails and phone calls
  • What activities or tasks you will or will not do
  • Saying “no”
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Communicate these clearly, and be prepared to enforce them! One of my favorite tricks to enforce my parameters is to say, “If you need an answer right now, the answer is no.”

I invite you to watch the video and learn how to communicate and enforce your own boundaries with clients, family, friends and even yourself!

And after you do, come back here and tell me what you think. What ideas do you have now? What will you do differently? Comment below!

If you’re stuck setting your boundaries, or feel stressed or taken advantage of, reach out to an objective third part. A little coaching may be all you need!

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