Great news – you’ve eliminated the distraction of all the thoughts running around in your head.  Whenever the next great idea (or bright shiny object) pops into your head – you no longer go off on a tangent.  Now, you jot that idea down into your parking lot and continue to focus on the task at hand.

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(Wondering what a parking lot is?  Check out the previous post!)

However, you now have this L  O  N  G  list of random items parked on a sheet of paper – or a dozen of Post-It notes on  your desk.  What should you do?

I know what you are thinking – we overcome one obstacle only to create another!?  (Yes, this is another post inspired by the great Delia Rusu!)  Capture

The answer – prioritize!

Just because you wrote an item down, doesn’t mean you actually should spend time on the task.  The parking lot is a place to gather random, distracting thoughts.  Not a new “To-Do” list.

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Look at each new action item sitting in your parking lot.  Then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this task in line with my values, goals, and dreams?
  2. Is this task something only I CAN do?
  3. Is this task something only I SHOULD do?

If you answered no to question #1 – delete this item.  If the task isn’t in line with your values, goals, and dreams . . . why would you do it?

If you answered no to #2 or #3 – find an awesome, fabulous person to delegate to!  (If you struggle with delegating, here are some helpful strategies!)

Ideally, if you answer YES to all three questions – you only have 1 or 2 items remaining in your parking lot.  Add these parked items to your master to do list.

Seems pretty straightforward, right?  (As long as you take the time to actually ask yourself these 3 questions!!!)

What other questions do you use when prioritizing? 

What process do you use with the tasks in your parking lot? 

What stumbling block do you come across throughout your day? 

Please, share below!