I’m often asked, “What exactly is a time strategy visionary?”  Which is often followed by, “How did you become one?”

Traci McBride of TeeMcBee Image Consulting recently asked this question.  My answer starts about 20 seconds into the video.

I realized early in my professional life that I didn’t “fit” into a traditional job.  I love to help clients have “ah-ha” moments (hence my early career as a high school math teacher), but chafed at the time constraints put onto that learning (how many students can learn the Pythagorean Theorem in 42 minutes?)

I love schedules, hectic days, and sports, so I became an Athletic Administrator for a high school.  However, I found I struggled to balance the 60 hour work weeks with my need for self-care and family time.

I love to work with my team on how to become more efficient in the direct sales industry, yet I didn’t really like selling the product.  (It’s hard to lead people where you haven’t already been!)

So, what did I learn from my career as a high school math teacher and tutor, high school athletic administrator, and Mary Kay Consultant? I learned that I need to

  • Forge my own path
  • Work in a service based profession
  • Embrace my gifts in time management, logical thinking, and my ability to relate to adults and teens

These revelations began my journey to become a time strategy visionary.

[Tweet “Aligning your tasks with your values is tough work!”] My biggest take-away:  Living the life of your dreams requires an awareness around what is important to you AND a structure to keep those important things a priority.

Identifying a goal without a structure to achieve it is just as ineffective as not identifying a goal and working on “important” tasks all day.

Through my journey of NOT honoring my priorities – I learned how to assist other professionals in the same position.  By identifying my priorities, but NOT building in a structure to ensure I put first things first – I learned how to create a framework for my clients.  Both parts are equally important . . . one without the other leads to frustration!

Why reinvent the wheel – and struggle where I struggled – if you can avoid the struggle and implement the lesson instead?!

Now, I help adults identify their values and priorities.

  • Together we build a structure to allow them to live a life according to their values, goals, and dreams.
  • Sometimes we work with effective calendar techniques, sometimes we delegate activities, sometimes we create structure around identifying priorities, and sometimes we learn to eliminate distractions.
  • Every time – we identify a path and create the steps and the structure to follow this path!

Being a time strategy visionary is more than helping a client “save 2 hours each week”.  It’s about identifying what is important and designing and implementing a life that is consistent with these priorities.  If you save 2 hours a week – but don’t know what you want to do with that time – what’s the purpose?[Tweet “If you save 2 hours a week – but don’t know what you want to do with that time – what’s the purpose?”]

What have you learned on your journey through life? 

What have you learned about my journey in becoming a time strategy visionary? 

What are you doing today that is in line with your values, dreams, and goals? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, please post below.

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