How often do you procrastinate?  Once a month?  Once a week?  Once a day?  Once an hour?  

Today, I challenge you to NOT procrastinate at all!!  Usually, I’m a believer in small steps (“cut your procrastination down in half” or “only allow yourself 60 minutes of procrastination today”), but today is Fight Procrastination Day – and I want you to celebrate in style.

Make it a big, huge goal to stay on task . . . on your most important task . . . all day long.

Now, a few of you reading this post may say, “I don’t procrastinate”.  For you – I’m jumping up and down for joy!  Congrats – you are in the minority.  Not many people have the ability to focus on the most important task each and every day, all day. 

Notice I said “focusing on the most important task” not “focusing on any task on your task list”.  There is a difference!  I call completing a task that isn’t your most important task “productive procrastination”; the phenomenon when you decide to work on action items that are NOT the most important tasks – but are on your list.

The strategy I want you to use today when you start to feel yourself slipping away from working on your #1 most important task, is to set a timer and vow to work on the task for 15 minutes.  Really, 15 minutes isn’t that long – so if you just can’t find yourself in the groove you can move to your #2 task and schedule a time to revisit completing this task later in the day. (Sometimes we just need a change of scenery or our biorhythms allow us to complete different types of tasks at different times of the day.)

But usually, a body in motion stays in motion.  By committing to starting your #1 task, you gain momentum and are now apt to finish.

It’s all about initiating the first step! 

What strategies do you use move you out of procrastination mode?  Do you practice “productive procrastination”?  Are you someone that is able to complete the #1 most important task each day?  Please share your comments below!