During the last week, I had the opportunity to chat with a number of people about what activities they choose to spend their time on during the day.  One of these conversations really jumped out at me . . . maybe you can relate:

I love to learn.  I really, really, really love to learn about all different types of things  both for my business and for personal enjoyment.  I like being the go-to-gal for resources.  However, I find that I don’t necessarily implement much of what I learn.  Should I take a more disciplined approach to my ongoing education?

Now, of course, I certainly wasn’t going to tell this person what she “should” or “should not” do.  Each of us has the opportunity to make our own choices each and every day.  However, I did ask her two questions.

  1. Are you concerned that by pursing a number of educational opportunities you are neglecting the tasks that you have identified as priority tasks?
  2. Are you feeling “guilty” that you don’t implement much of what you learn?

She answered NO to the first question.  She felt that she spent a good amount of time each day working on her priorities.  However, she did feel guilty and a bit wasteful that she didn’t necessarily implement much of what she learned.  In fact, she went on to explain that she felt that by not implementing she was wasting a lot of time.

My advice was to determine what she wanted the outcome to be.

[Tweet “Determine WHY you are learning – so you know WHAT you want to do with the knowledge.”]

Why was she learning?

  • If she was learning the information so she could share the resource with someone on her team – then she could probably spend much less time processing the information.  Plus, she probably wouldn’t feel the need to implement the material.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • If she was learning a new skill to improve her business, then she would want to spend more time making sure she had the understanding needed to apply the skill.  Then, she would want to make sure she had a plan in place to implement the material.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • If she was learning for her own personal enjoyment – she could take the pieces of information she wanted, and discard the rest – and decide to implement based on her desire.

By beginning with the end in mind, knowing WHY she wants to learn – what she expects the outcome to be –  she can then devote the amount of time and attention the situation calls for.  Plus,  she can release the guilt.

Isn’t this what we all want?!


I’d love to know your thoughts.  Do you implement what you learn?  Please comment below!

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