All of my 1:1 programs start with a personalized productivity deep dive to set the foundation to move forward.

We’ll start with things like identifying your burnout zone, time-sucking distractions, your biological primetime for logical and creative tasks, a time/space transformation assessment, and a review of your primary communication style.

Capacity Builder Program

After our Kickoff Call, we get to work fixing your most pressing time management challenges. Following our A.W.E. choice management process, we’ll review your routines and internal processes for time-sucking inefficiencies and update them with easy-to-implement solutions. This 12-month 1:1 program allows us to update your processes, and teaches you to manage choices to avoid future productivity bottlenecks.

We’ll meet consistently for up to three hours each month. At the end of the year, you’ll have a solid time management plan and skillset to achieve the work-life balance you crave.

Is this the right program for you? Schedule a quick chat with Lisa to figure it out!

Accelerator Program

After our Kickoff Call, we’ll dig into your top 2-3 challenges so you can work less and achieve more. This six-month engagement allows you to implement strategies and troubleshoot along the way. Meeting consistently for up to two hours each month for six months allows us the flexibility to make sure the new habits we put in place are sticking, productivity is increasing, and you feel confident in problem-solving new bottlenecks. Outside of our meetings, you’ll have unlimited feedback via email between sessions.

Is this the right program for you? Schedule a quick chat with Lisa to figure it out!

Delegate Like A Pro

If delegating is one of your productivity bottlenecks, this group experience provides you with a step-by-step, easy-to-implement process so you can stop owning all the tasks.

You know that delegating is your answer to time freedom but it’s HARD…we can help! Are you ready to stop doing it all?

Rachel Kabb Effron Kabb Law Firm

I was exhausted and not at all happy with how I was spending my time while working in my business.

I have learned so much about time management and making my business work for me rather than the opposite. I now have renewed energy and I am signing better business as a result of the systems we have created.

Rachel Kabb-Effron, Owner, Kabb Law Firm