Today I want to share with you a slice of Carol’s  life, and how partnering with a coach helped decrease her stress and increase her productivity.   Carol is a former client, and  I believe you may be able to relate a bit to her story!

Carol decided that she wanted a major change in her life, so she took a leap of faith and started her own business, Cold Nose Companions.

“I started my business after a long corporate career managing teams of people. My days in business had been highly structured and an administrative assistant maintained my calendar for me. Suddenly, I was a one-woman-show and everything was on my plate. It was a challenge, but I found a way to get most everything done.”

Does that sound familiar to you?

Carol was able to create a successful business doing what she loved.  (How AWESOME is that?)  She was loving life – the world was her oyster – until her business outgrew her.

“But when I opened a brick-and-mortar facility, the growth was overwhelming. Despite having hired a few people to take some of the work load, I was struggling to find the time for the work that was truly important to the future of my business.”

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Carol found that she needed some assistance adapting to all the changes.  She needed a mentor. A guide. A coach.

Carol PeterAnyone can give you advice, but a good coach in invaluable.  They don’t tell you what to do. They listen to your situation and help guide you as you discover the correct path for you.  A good coach will apply your values and your goals to a system that you develop.  They give you a sounding board and a positive source of support.

I was lucky enough to be Carol’s coach.

“Lisa was my lifeline. She helped me think differently about how to balance both the time I have available in my week and the work that must get done. I’ve adopted her strategies to prioritize and organize for the work. As a result, I have finally been able to accomplish some critical deliverables that will keep my business moving forward and thriving. And I have a system for maintaining that discipline going forward. I’m delighted that I engaged Lisa to help me get control of my work and my time. It was a great investment.”

Carol and I developed a time management system that enabled her to keep her business thriving.  She is now able to integrate long term planning and immediate action items into her weekly schedule.  She is now able to block off time for her personal goals and family goals.  AND she is now confident that she has the structure to continue moving forward.

The key to Carol’s success – she was ready for a change – and willing to make some changes!  Plus, she is just plain AWESOME!

The key to our successful partnership – we clicked!

Are you ready to make a change?  Are you willing to make some changes? I’m willing to see if we click.  Let’s chat!

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Your turn!  When you find yourself in a period of transition, what strategies do you use to continue to move forward?  Please post below!