As I sit at my desk looking out at the sun hitting the lake, I realize I’ve been staring out the window for a while. AND … by “a while” I mean about 15 minutes.

Hmmmm … probably not the most effective way to use my time this afternoon!

I know – I could think of this as a way to recharge my batteries, however, to get the full benefit I find that I need to DELIBERATELY recharge my batteries. Aimlessly staring out the window when I’m “supposed” to be working doesn’t recharge me. In fact, I’m just filled with guilt, because I “should” be working.

In case I’m not the only one who’s ever caught herself looking out the window aimlessly, let me offer a solution.


Yep – I just used all caps … which means I’m yelling at you. Actually, don’t think of it as yelling AT you, think of it as STRONGLY urging you to adopt this strategy.

I’ve discussed using a timer before to keep you on task and focus, but you can also use a timer to deliberately set a “time out” when you need a 15 minute break.

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Why use the timer?  When you need to deliberately recharge your batteries, and you choose to “zone out,” the timer will help you snap out of it.

Also, if you find yourself zoning out  it’s time to check your energy levels.  Low focus or concentration is typically a symptom of being tired, either mentally or physically (or both).  (Get more insight on this concept here.)

Being productive and building your capacity so you can accomplish more in less time is about maximizing not only your time management strategies, but also about working with a sense of focus, and keeping your energy levels high. When one area drops, your overall productivity decreases.

So, enjoy the sun sparkling off the water – but do so with deliberation so you can enjoy it!

You can focus on what’s important so you really can get everything you want and enjoy your  life without guilt.  I can help!

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