In previous posts I’ve talked about creating a time management system that works for you. (Read Mary’s story here, for example.) You must have a plan that is simple and easy to follow – “trying harder” and “more discipline” are not the answers. When you develop strong, easy-to-implement programs and systems, you become more efficient, productive and effective.

Though I’ve written about this concept often, I’ve never broken down the parts for you.

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What really makes up a good time management system?

  1. Tracking Tasks – easily keep track of short and long term tasks.
  2. Prioritizing – identify which tasks to do first while staying true to your short and long term goals.
  3. Project Planning – easily complete multiple step projects
  4. Delegating – do only the tasks that only you can do – and effectively delegate the rest.
  5. Scheduling – create a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly schedule that honors your priorities, that allows you to arrive on-time, and that you can follow.
  6. Energy Management – live a life where you feel you always have enough time, energy, and mental brainpower to be effective.

On a scale of 1 – 5, where would you rank yourself in each of these areas?

If you aren’t happy with your results, what is your plan to improve? What questions can I answer? Leave a response below!

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(Image credit David Castillo Dominici)