What happens when your typical routine gets disrupted?

Here’s a scenario . . .

You’ve created a consistent routine that works for you. You are able to keep up with email. You have arrived at the perfect balance of work and home. You can “breathe” throughout the day. In fact, you are feeling like a rock star!

Then . . . life happens! The situation doesn’t matter (additional responsibilities due to an aging parent, or you lose your support staff at work, or your business quadruples overnight, or you are in charge of a huge event, or, or, or, or . . .) it’s just that there IS a situation. And when it’s Code Black, it’s even more stressful!

I believe the idea of everything working “perfectly” and then “life happening” is NORMAL!  Having a “perfect time management plan” needs to account for this.

How do you get “back on track” when your routine is disrupted?

Plan for it ahead of time. Figure out what works for you while it is still working. Keep a list of all the strategies you use that help you be as efficient and effective as possible.

When you are in the middle of a “derailment” is when you will typically forget to do the things that work for you because you are in a rush. You just don’t have the space you need to think it through.

  • You’ll forget that planning for 15 minutes at the end of each day sets you up for success each day and you’ll start moving from proactive to reactive mode.
  • You will stop keeping a legal pad near your desk for notes and reminders – and instead, grab whatever scrap paper is closest. That’s when the important things can fall through the cracks.
  • Dedicated time to process emails will fall by the wayside and all of a sudden you are drowning in hundreds of emails.

Once you have a list of your strategies that work, you can quickly identify any strategies that you’ve lost sight of, making it easier to get back on track.

My A.W.E. Inspired Time Management Plan is the blueprint for you to create your very own, unique time management plan so you can easily prepare for the unexpected – get back on track before you even get off!