Have you ever had a “stalled” project? Maybe you were making great progress – then all of a sudden you realize you haven’t worked towards completion in a number of days, weeks, months . . .

It can happen to anyone.

One way to rejuvenate a stalled project is to define your next specific smallest steps.

Then, after you identify your next action step (the smallest and most specific action step possible!)  schedule a time in your calendar to complete this step.

In my case, if “Do Professional Development” is on my to-do list, I’ll overlook it. Seriously, what does “do professional development” even mean? Or maybe, your task list says “Work on Project”. Hmm . . . the vagueness of this action step can trip you up!

Instead – write a specific task down. The next task, broken down into its smallest piece. For example, my “next smallest step” is to listen to the ICD teleclass, “The ADHD Brain in the Workplace”. Very specific. Very doable!

If your next smallest step is a bit vague, then you probably didn’t identify the next smallest step. Break your goal into smaller pieces.

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Please share – how do you jump start a stalled project???