My time management system isn’t your time management system. Just like my hobbies aren’t your hobbies. My favorite sports teams aren’t your favorite sports teams (Go Indians – NEXT year is our year!). My preferred methods of recharging my batteries aren’t your preferred methods. (I’m sure you get the picture.)

Finding the time management system – the framework, the structures, the strategies, the techniques – that works for YOU is the key to having a productive and rewarding day. One size doesn’t fit all.

You KNOW the basic principles of effective time management. In fact, they seem pretty simple.   Yet, you get discouraged thinking “I SHOULD be more efficient and more effective each day. If these are simple, why aren’t they easy to implement?”

Then you say, “I SHOULD be more disciplined.”

But – what can you do?

I invite you to read the remainder of this blog to find out.

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THE Sales Wizard

THE Sales Wizard

A special thanks to Hugh for providing me with the opportunity and platform to share my passion. 

Hugh Liddle, THE Sales Wizard, has an extremely large and very special life goal…

“He wants to change the way the world perceives sales and sales people.”

For too long now sales and sales people have had a really bad reputation (often deservedly so) because the process of selling has been seen as a type of competition between the seller and the buyer.

Hugh’s coaching turns selling into a fun, pleasant, profitable experience for salesperson and prospect alike.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with him each week!