WOW – talk about conflicting priorities!   Salads are usually considered pretty healthy . . . and hamburgers and bbq . . . well  . . . possibly not so much!

What DO you do when you have conflicting priorities?

Here’s a snippet of a conversation I had with a client earlier today . . .

AWESOME Client:  “I’ve been trying to make my morning routine (consisting of exercise, meditation, mean planning . . .) a priority.  However, I find I often choose to put something ‘urgent’ in its place.”

This is certainly normal!  Often the “urgent” will take precedent over the “important”.  (Hello Covey’s 4 Quadrants!)  Yet, usually the “important” is our own self care.  If we continue to prioritize “emergencies” over self care, we will eventually be in no condition to adequately handle the emergency.

My suggestion for this AWESOME client was to pick ONE item off her morning routine to commit to for a week.  Either exercise, or meditation, or meal planning, or . . .

Just pick ONE activity.  If she was able to complete other activities in her morning routine – great!  If not – completing ONE is better than wishing she had completed six.

Seems like a great idea – right?!  But the implementation is certainly key.

Here’s her plan!  When she is planning her day the night before – she is now going to schedule her “morning activity” first, then react to emerging priorities.  Maybe she only has time for a 5 minute meditation.  Maybe she can create an hour block of time for a walk.  Maybe she sets her alarm for 15 minutes earlier to fit in some meal prep.   But at least ONE “morning routine” activity will be scheduled first.

Your thoughts!  What strategies do you use when trying to prioritize the important over the urgent?  What tips do you have for my AWESOME client?  Please post below.

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