Your time management plan should be as unique as you are!

As you develop strategies and blueprints and ideas to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, be sure to use your strengths!

One of my clients (we’ll call her Bobbi) knows she needs to add more time to her day / week / month to focus on self-care.  Bobbi has learned that her mind stays clearer during a busy day if she is rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated …but what she finds in “real life” is that she is quick to bump her self-care activities if someone else needs her to do something.

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Bobbi’s strength is that she is exceptionally loyal to others. Once she commits to doing something with or for someone else, she always follows through. Knowing this about herself, Bobbi now uses this strength when it comes to increasing her self-care. She schedules her self-care activities with a friend or family member – a productivity partner.

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She calls it her “two birds with one stone” plan. Inviting a friend over to take a walk, she gets to spend time catching up with a friend AND take care of herself by exercising. And by inviting her daughter over to scrapbook, she gets to enjoy quality time with her daughter AND relax while preserving family memories.

Now it’s time to relate Bobbi’s “two birds” plan to your own life. What activities do you wish you were engaging in? Which of those might you partner up to increase your productivity?

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