Do you have pages and pages and pages of items on your To-Do list?  Or, do you have multiple lists?  Or, maybe you have multiple lists WITH multiple items on each list.  Goodness – feeling overwhelmed yet?!

You can’t possibly complete every item on your list – nor should you!

Here’s a quick hopefully!) method to help you start to narrow down your focus.   NOTE:  I said quick method  . . . I have a more involved method I recommend using once a month.  But for the day-to-day prioritizing – this method is quick, simple, and keeps your momentum moving forward.

Follow these steps during your planning session.  (It doesn’t matter if you plan in the evening for the next day, in the morning for that day, on Friday for the week, on Sunday for the week, or any combination – it only matters that you PLAN!)

  • Step #1 – Identify your priorities by asking yourself two questions:
    • “What is the #1 thing I can do to move myself closer to my goals?”  Write down whatever comes into your mind.
    • “What tasks are time sensitive?”  To answer this question – look at your task list(s) and your calendar.  What deadlines are approaching? What appointments do you need to prepare for?
  • Step #2 – Strategically fine tune your list by delegating.  Of the items you identified in Step 1, which items can you delegate?  Ask,
    • “Am I the only person who can do this task?”  or
    • “Am I the best person to do this task?”  or
    • “Is my time best spent doing this task?”
    • If no – then delegate the task.
  • Step #3 – Implement your way to success.  Now, (hopefully!) you should have narrowed your focus down to 2 – 5 items.  Schedule time for each of these priorities into your calendar.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do other items on your task list (remember, I have an entire page of tasks that need to be completed while I’m sitting at the computer!) you just fit these items into small slots of time.


By following this simple 3 step process you can ensure that you are spending time on your priorities each day.  The overwhelmed, “what do I do next” feeling will be a memory, you will be choosing tasks with confidence as you move forward achieving your goals!

How do you decide which tasks to work on?  What does your task list look like?  What “how-to” videos would you like to see?  I encourage you to share below!