What is the #1 task you need to accomplish today?

Have you completed it yet?

I asked these two questions at a recent luncheon workshop.  About 75% of the room had identified their #1 task.  Only approximately 20% had completed this task, and the work day was already half way over!  (If you are falling into the 25% of people that don’t know their “most important tasks” I invite you to peruse some of these posts on prioritizing.)

Often I share with my clients – being in control of your day isn’t about time management – it is about choice management.  Accomplishing the task that is your #1 priority each day is about following a structure that works and making choices.

[Tweet “How you spend each moment of each day is a choice. You can choose to own your day, or you can let your day own you.”]

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the most important task to complete today.
  2. Schedule time to complete this task in your calendar.  Create an appointment with yourself.  This time slot is where you will devote uninterrupted time and attention to  completing this task.
  3. Schedule a buffer around this “magic time slot”.  This buffer is usually used to check email and phone messages.  This allows you to enter into the scheduled time slot with a clear mind regarding your communication obligations.
  4. If you CHOOSE not to complete your #1 task during the scheduled slot, write down what you did instead.  (Following this step forces you to make a decision – do what you originally planned, or change the plan.  Instead of “oops – where did the time go?”)
  5. If you CHOOSE to do something else, reschedule this task immediately.  This ensures you still complete your most important task of the day.

At the end of the week, reflect back.  How many times did you complete your #1 task during the scheduled slot?  If you didn’t, what did you choose to do instead?  Do certain tasks get bumped more often then others?  Are certain times of the day “magic” – you find you can complete tasks during this time of the day consistently?

By capturing this data during the week, and then reflecting on it, you are then able to schedule more proactively.

Your turn.  Please comment below.  How do you ensure that you complete your most important task each day?

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