It’s official – I am one of only two Certified Organizer Coaches in Ohio.  I’m a create a plan, create a list, put your head down, and complete your plan type of gal.  So, when I decided to become a coach, I approached the process in the same way.

  • Research Coach Training Programs – CHECK
  • Take the Courses – CHECK
  • Become a Certified Coach – CHECK

What I didn’t realize was that this process would take over two years.  What?!  That’s not on my list!!

I thought (yes – really!) that I could take the classes and that would make me a coach.  AND . . . I thought I could do this in about 9 months.  Ummmm . . . NO!


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See – what I learned about coaching is the real learning comes not from understanding the “technical” part of coaching – but by being able to let go and “be” with your client.  To be proficient enough with the skills to throw the checklist out the window and just listen.  To let go.

The same can be true of setting and achieving goals.  Many of my clients . . .

  • Identify the Priorities
  • Create a Plan
  • Accomplish the Goal
[Tweet “However, by just focusing on the outcome of the goal – we can miss the learning and joy along the way.”]

We can miss the BIG picture . . . the learning behind the learning (if that makes any sense!)

Could I have become a certified coach in less time.  Sure – some training programs offer the opportunity to finish in a year or so.

Would I have been a proficient coach?  Sure – I would know the skills and be able to apply them.

Would I have been able to bring the greatest value to my client? – NO!

Believe it or not – learning to let go and trust the process took me MUCH LONGER than 9 months!!  (For someone as “in control” as I am – I needed the entire 28 months . . . and still work on this skill daily!)

What’s the bottom line?  Because I didn’t know what I didn’t know – I would have zoomed through the process. . . missing out on the BIG PICTURE in my eagerness to complete the classes, learn the skills, and become a certified coach.  Lucky for me, the director and trainers plan for people like me and build in TIME for us to practice our skills, learn from mentor coaches, and give us opportunities to “let go”.

If you have a tendency to zoom through your list on your way to the next big thing . . . build in some “appreciation time”.

Set aside time in your schedule to look back periodically at your journey.  To ask yourself,

  • “What have I accomplished?”
  • “Is there something bigger here – something more than just a ‘completed task’?”
  • “What is now possible?”

Enjoy the journey – and the destination!  Checking off the boxes is only half of it!

Your turn . . . what are your thoughts?  How do you ensure you don’t “zoom through life”?

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