I had the pleasure last fall of appearing on David Ralph’s Join Up Dots radio show, and recently got some great feedback from him on progress he’s made toward delegating.  Truly, he took one tiny piece of one tiny conversation and created HUGE results for his life and his business.

I encourage you to listen to the entire clip.  (It’s only 10 minutes!!)

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/U96HL5K1b_M” width=”360″ height=”280″]

Here are David’s own words:

Starting a search online, I looked at all the different reviews of Virtual Assistant companies and then based the results on my own personal requirements (which wasn’t hard but takes up time). I signed up with a company in India which has come very highly recommended and I thought was a bargain.

I am now contracted for 40 hours per month with a web portal where I can manage the workload with my own VA.

Join Up Dots was a seven-days-a-week effort. After delegating to my new VA, this should take me down to working Thursday and Friday morning only. This gives me the entire rest of the week to work on building our new platform www.podcastersmastery.com where we teach how to record podcasts more quickly than anyone else out there.

I timed my after-show process today, and from saying goodbye to the guest, to editing, processing, uploading, loading FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and all necessary emails it now takes me 16 minutes after the show! What a change!

Now it’s YOUR turn! What can YOU outsource to simplify your life? Comment below!

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