Most of us work with an email provider that has some kind of notification system on our computers (a preview, a tone, or an icon). Yes, this notification is a great thing – except when it isn’t! As you work toward your big goals each day, the last thing you want distracting you is email notification.

Constant bombardment by these notifications may keep us in the loop, but it also catches us in the loop of constantly checking email rather than attending to the more important tasks at hand. (Read this for more on this topic.)

SO … what do you do when you need that program open to keep track of calendar appointments, tasks and email content?

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Here’s a tip!

You can efficiently use your email program if you set it to work offline while you’re working on other tasks. Most email programs offer a setting to temporarily turn off incoming email or work offline. This allows you access to needed information and allows you to control when you read and manage your incoming messages.

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