Does this sound like you?

“There’s so much on my plate I’m choking!”
“My to-do list takes up a whole legal pad!”
“My mind is spinning – I don’t know what to pick up next! HELP!”


First step : BREATHE! Next step: Be A.W.E.’d!

After learning about AWE, Wendy just emailed me to say, “My biggest learning so far is that I need to build more time into getting things done. Everything takes longer than expected!”

Alli tells me, “If I learned anything from the AWE challenge, it’s to make realistic goals, and for this goal I applied the 1.5/3 rule to my to-do list.”

Or this?

“Ugh – I work 2 jobs and do a lot volunteer work , with one job being building a new business. I have a hard time prioritizing! I have soooo much to do … I’m overwhelmed and then get frustrated and accomplish a very small amount and its keeps piling on. I feel like I’m always digging out and I’m always digging.”

Sandra just told me what she’s done. “My goal is to reinvigorate systems of organization in my home (financial, personal and kids school info) and work life that are already established but are underutilized. I will reestablish them within 7 days of today, and use these systems for 30 days so they become a habit again.”

Now that’s using A.W.E.!

  • A. AWARENESS – Create a clear goal.
  • W. WORK – Schedule time to work towards your priorities (and include yourself as a priority with self-care!) into your calendar now, while there is still some white space!
  • E. EVALUATE – Set aside a small block of time each week to fine-tune your plan.

Following these three stages of A.W.E. is your antidote to overwhelm.

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You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your business and life – consistent activity will certainly help keep it flourishing.
This February’s A.W.E. Challenge was reported to be a HUGE success! Join us for another chance in May!

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What’s your antidote to overwhelm?  Please post below!