Jane has a great day planned. Her morning will be spent on finalizing her big presentation for next week. After processing email, she’ll write her next two blog posts, and then run to the grocery to get dinner ready for herself and her husband.

Real-life: Jane starts her big presentation, but is interrupted by an urgent text from a client. After spending an hour on that issue, she goes back to her presentation. Then an “urgent” call comes in from an associate who wants to pick Jane’s brain about a project. Back to the presentation…”Oh, wait, I’ve lost my train of thought. What was my point on this slide???” Jane decides to put that aside and focus on getting through her emails quickly, but finds herself getting sidetracked time and time again by dealing with other people’s requests. Before she knows it, she needs to get to the grocery so she at least can get dinner started…and finished! “What the heck happened to my day???”

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s one of the most frequent topics my clients bring to me…getting pulled off track by distractions and other people’s priorities, despite what you have planned to do. I have a solution for you!

Join me for a free webinar on July 13 (yes, this Thursday!) at 10:00am (EST), Protect Your Big Yes – Learn to Say No! 

You want to attend this webinar if:

  • You have too many tasks on your plate to possibly complete by yourself.
  • You have big goals, but run out of time each day to work towards accomplishing them.
  • You’ve tried planning the perfect day, but you find yourself pulled in other directions within an hour of starting your day.
  • You set boundaries, yet you don’t always keep them.
  • You believe that by saying “no” people will think you don’t care about them.

At the conclusion of this webinar you will have:

  • Strategies to help you say “NO” even when your typical answer is “YES.”
  • A simple, easy-to-implement 3 step plan to set AND keep boundaries.
  • Personalized solutions so you can hit the ground running.

Register now – and stop having days like Jane’s!

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