How will TODAY be different?

If you want today to be different from yesterday, you will need to do things differently. Seems simple, yet many of us find ourselves doing the same “stuff” day after day, week after week,  year after year after year and then are disappointed when we do not see significant change.

So, how can you jump out of this rut?

  1. Find a quiet place where you can THINK uninterrupted
  2. Decide what you want. What you really, really, really want.  If you could do anything . . .
  3. Then determine why you have not been able to achieve this in the past. What are you lacking . . . motivation, discipline, organization, skills, support, direction?
  4. Make a decision today to “fix” what you are missing so you can achieve your goals.
  5. Schedule your first step – no matter how small!  Get started TODAY!!
  6. Block off time in your calendar to create a full action plan with steps, resources, deadlines, evaluation segments, measurable outcomes, goals, accountability, and rewards.
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Sometimes this plan get derailed at #4.  We can identify what we want.  We can identify where we went off track in the past.  But, we get stuck on finding resources.  Where can you turn to for help?

  • Your director/boss/leader wants to help you succeed; involve him/her in your plan.
  • Contact SystemSavvy Consulting for a complimentary Strategy Session to help you get organized and focused.
  • Pick the brain of someone that has achieved what you want and see if she will mentor you.
  • If you are lacking skills – read, listen, and learn until you master them.
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You have many people in your corner for support, but ultimately the choices are yours to make.  What can you do today to make your life better tomorrow?  Please post below!