Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing my journey as a student in the Holistic Time Coaching Class.  When I first enrolled in this course, my thought process was that I would be able to fine tune my personal time management strategies and learn some new methods I could use when working with clients.

AND – this is certainly true.  (Read more about some of my “big take-aways” regarding delegation, energy management, follow-through, shifting priorities  and calendar management.)

However, as week after week passed, and I learned more and fine tuned my processes, I realized I was feeling increasingly unsettled.

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See, I thought if I could just become more effective and more efficient in my day-to-day operations I could wake up each morning with a sense of ease at the thought of facing my day. I figured that if I was focused on accomplishing the “right activities” and if created the “perfect” schedule – then tension I felt when looking at my schedule for the day, week, and month would be eliminated.

However, I realized as I started the last class that though my skill level had increased dramatically and my processes were nailed down, the tension was still there.

This leads me to my biggest time management revelation.

The white space in my schedule is the most important part.

As an entrepreneur, I don’t feel I’m ever “done”.  I will still have projects I want to complete.  Clients I want to support.  Products I want to create.  People I want to meet.

My to-do list will always have tasks on it.  My project list will always have multiple projects on it.

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And this feeling of never being done created a sense of tension.

But … when I can create white space in my schedule, this tension eases.  Being able to create space for me to think.  Being able to create space for me to plan.  Being able to create space for me to BE.  Deliberately creating unscheduled time in my calendar is how my tension decreases!

Will I ever be “done”?  NO!  But am I now “ok with that”?  I’m getting there.  It’s a process – but now that I’m aware – I’m certainly more equipped to continue to create a life where I’m at ease with my day!

For a recap of my 7 week journey, read these posts.

Your turn.  How do you create ease in your day? Would you like some support creating that white space in your schedule?

With a little coaching, you can easily achieve the perfect balance between your business and personal lives. You can develop a framework and a system that allows you to put first things first -and live a life of purpose.

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