Time is one of those finite resources that we try to capture.  However,  when we really think about it  we realize that time is like the sand slipping through the hour glass. We cannot capture it – we can only make sure we make the most of it.   Whether we use the hours in our day to move our business forward, or create action to accomplish items on our bucket list, or connect with friends on Facebook, or research the latest news for Dancing with the Stars once the day is over – it’s over.

I truly believe that we all want to leave a legacy that lasts and one that truly matters.

When I started working with Kayla  I knew that deep down she wanted to use her time in a way that truly mattered. She knew she had the power and influence to take her time and really make a difference in her life, but she didn’t know how to get started.

“When I began working with Lisa of SystemSavvy Consulting I was at a very desperate point in my life. I was completely unorganized, unmotivated, and struggling to keep my direct sales business going while working a regular job that I didn’t love.”

Can you relate to Kayla?  So many of my clients feel trapped.  Maybe they don’t love their full time job.  Maybe they have so many great ideas – and they just don’t know where to start.  Maybe they know they are just destined for MORE!

When anyone faces that type of desperation they can become paralyzed, lose momentum, and feel overwhelmed. No one should have to face this discouragement and desperation alone!

I’m so glad that Kayla decided to step up and invest in herself and in her business:

“I first heard about Lisa through one of the women in my direct sales unit. I decided to approach Lisa on a whim and after our first initial call before I had even signed up I felt as though I was already fixing the issues at hand. One of the biggest projects that we overcame together was overcoming the overwhelming feelings I was having, tackling projects, time management, organization, follow through, and my “life plan.”

image courtesy of imagerymajestic / freedigitalphotos.netMy greatest joy comes from helping clients such as Kayla gain clarity and direction from the very beginning of our partnership.  I do a “happy dance” around my office when clients reclaim their time and achieve the freedom that they’re looking for!

What truly matters? Being able to answer this question is key!

I believe that my clients achieve more for themselves personally, for their families, and for their communities when they have a values based and results oriented time management plan in place. While many coaches claim to offer guidance – I provide a mix of  tried and true methods and individualized solutions that give each of my clients immediate results.

My greatest satisfaction comes when our clients give us feedback like Kayla did after she got started with SystemSavvy Consulting:

“I started seeing progress in myself within the first two weeks of working with Lisa. I was feeling more confident in the projects I was trying to accomplish and I was seeing changes in my day to day thoughts and activities. Every phone call with Lisa reassured me that I was making progress and moving in the right direction.”

What could be more fulfilling than assisting clients in regaining the control over their time and their lives?  Don’t we all deserve this?

When I sit down with a client and empower them to take control of their time, their career, and ultimately their own happiness, I know that we’ve reclaimed influence over that ever elusive resource – time.  Through building awareness, we are able to identify critical areas for improvement:

image courtesy of farconville / freedigitalphotos.net“Working with Lisa was such a blessing. Not only did she help me to learn where I get “caught” when trying to do a project, but she helped me to rediscover my ability to finish projects and how to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in manageable steps. Lisa was a fantastic cheerleader when I needed her to be and also a butt kicker when I needed a more set guideline. That’s why she is so fantastic; she is exactly what you need her to be based on your situation. She is the perfect coach!”

It is with great pride that I receive these types of notes from my clients. (In fact – I hesitated to create this post – as I didn’t want to seem as if I’m bragging.)  However, a friend shared  this wisdom with me.  “When you’re floundering you need a coach – and you can’t assist those in need unless they know where you are and what you do!  Share it!!!”

It doesn’t matter how strong you are, or what you’ve accomplished in the past, investing in yourself has always been and will always be the greatest investment you can make!  Sometimes, we each need a little support!  Take it from Kayla:

“I would highly recommend working with Lisa to anyone who is really feeling stuck. She is an excellent resource to help you get out of your rut and help you identify what your hang-up is and how to fix it.” -Kayla 

Are you ready to reclaim your time? Call me today at 440.537.3811 or contact me here and let’s get your life back on track!