Happiness!  Something we strive for, yet can be so elusive.  I realize that I’m much happier during the Spring than any other time of the year.  After 5 (sometimes 6) months of snow here in Northeast Ohio, being outside in the sunshine can make me almost giddy!

I’m fortunate today to be able to share with you some “happiness words of wisdom” from Keri Kight.   Keri helps women enjoy themselves and enjoy life.  Enjoy Keri’s guest post below – and show her some love by leaving a comment!

Spring is in the air, and I can certainly feel it.

I LOVE spring because it’s the beginning of new everything. Around this time of the year, I start going through my house and donating everything I don’t use. The winter always puts me into hibernation, with less energy, and as soon as spring comes around the corner I’m ready to get moving, creating something new for myself.

This year was something special for me because it was the first spring of knowing what my business is all about. Last year at this time, I was blogging and writing, but not officially life coaching yet, so it was more of a hobby.

It really makes you feel whole when you realize that you know exactly what you want and it’s all unfolding right before your eyes.

So this spring I want you to think about what needs to change in your life.

  • Maybe you need a new wardrobe because you either gained some or lost some weight, and either is okay. We all need to feel great in our body, no matter what size it is.
  • Maybe you want to redecorate the house, and ideas are firing faster than you can keep up. Maybe your career is just not fulfilling you the way you had hoped, and your heart is aching inside.

Spring is the time to let go of the old and let in the new.

  • Let go of those pair of jeans that have way too many holes in them.
  • Let go of the idea that you’re not good enough for the life you really want.
  • Let go of the girlfriend who only brings you down with her.
  • Let in the you that loves life.
  • Let in the new ideas that will bring you even more happiness.
  • Let in the love from yourself and everyone around you.

I’ve always believed that we must never stop learning, and in that is the part of us that never stops growing. There is always room for improvement in our love life, our relationships, our financial situation, our career, and everything in between.

What can you improve on this season?

What actions can you take that will improve your life?

What goals do you want to commit to for your happiness, health and well being?

This spring, I want you to pick one thing that needs to go and one thing that you need to add into your life.

  • What I’ve already started this spring is that I’ve added more networking for my business.
  • I’m eliminating all the little unnecessary things that don’t grow my business, such as spending too much time wondering if my website is perfect.

What are you spending too much time on but it actually doesn’t bring you closer to what you really want?

What little, or big, area of your life is spent doing something that doesn’t positively impact your life, either directly or indirectly?

“What are you tolerating?” That loaded little question will give you much insight on what you can let go of this season.  I reorganized my kitchen because I felt the counters were much too cluttered, and now I love to clean my kitchen because it looks so much more organized when I’m done. 

As for adding something new and wonderful, ask yourself what you’ve been casually talking about, but haven’t been pursuing because of some type of fear. Maybe you think you don’t have the money or that you don’t have the time or maybe you fear that you’re not deserving of what you really want. The universe provides if you leave room for what you desire and you are open to all possibilities.

A friend of mine was 3 days away from getting paid, and had no food in her house for herself and her 3 children. Instead of fretting, she released her fears to the universe, and asked for help. Not even 30 minutes later, a neighbor showed up with food from her garden, explaining that she had too much.

Most of the time, there are several avenues or paths to get what we want. Proclaim what you need or want, and open yourself up to all the possibilities to make it happen. You deserve a life you love.

I will leave you with you two tasks:

  • eliminate something that no longer serves you and
  • add something that would make your heart happy.

Above all, love yourself.

What will your two tasks be this season? Let us know in the comments below.


Keri Kight is here to empower women to stand up for what they desire in life, because the only life worth living is the one that brings you happiness. Life coach and author, Keri knows what it’s like to find yourself in a dark place, and uses that insight to help other women find their way out. She lives in Central Florida with her 3 cats and boyfriend.  She spends her free time hiking, reading, and exploring the world. You can visit her site and download her free guide to happiness at KeriKight.com.