The following was adapted from the Time Management Home Study Course for Direct Sales Professionals.  If you find that balancing your career, family, direct sales business, and holiday obligations causes you to push aside your self-care, I encourage you to continue reading!


I find that self-care is one of the toughest principles for business owners to follow. When you are exhausted, you are not effective in any areas of your life. The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, not a time for stress.

My best advice is to be proactive. First, create some “me” time in your calendar immediately. Block out time for periodic rest and relaxation. Maybe it’s an hour for a pedicure, or a half hour in the evening for a long relaxing bath, or a half-day at the spa with friends, or 15-minutes every morning to relax and drink your hot chocolate. If you try to “fit in” time later, you will not have the space in your calendar. Make taking care of yourself a priority.

Next, set some boundaries. How many evenings will you work? How many weekends? Decide now, and block those times into your calendar. If you realize that working all day and attending events or holding business appointments three nights in-a-row exhausts you, build your plan around that knowledge. Spread your parties out, plan to arrive later in the morning at work, or double book a Saturday instead of two week nights. Just because you have room in your schedule to fit something in doesn’t mean you HAVE to fit it in.

Finally, assess your priorities. Often we attend events and activities because we always have. Are these still important to you? If you hate to bake, why spend your time with a cookie swap? Look back over your calendar from last year and determine which activities you really enjoyed, and which ones you didn’t. Eliminate those you don’t enjoy, and plan the time for those you do.

Time Management Home Study Course for Direct Sales Professionals

Time Management Home Study Course for Direct Sales Professionals

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What are some self-care activities you schedule during the holidays?  Please post below!