Last week I shared a part of my journey with you as I published my first book on Amazon for Kindle, Your Time, Your Life.  During the free promo period, my goal was to hit the top #100.  Many of you have asked, “So, Lisa – did you hit your goal?”

Now, remember, this is my first book . . . and I really had no idea what was involved with hitting the top #100.  I just knew that if I achieved that goal it would be “good”.  So – I reached for the stars.

And failed.

The highest I ranked during the 5 day free promo period was #636.

Boy, was I discouraged.  You see, I was at #636 on Day #1.  I just assumed I would continue to rank higher each day.

Ummmm . . . no!

Your Time, Your Life: Vision. Focus. Results

Your Time, Your Life: Vision. Focus. Results

However, after I had a chance to reflect, I realized that over 1,000 people downloaded my time management book, Your Time, Your Life.  That’s over 1,000 people that will be able to spend more time working towards their goals.  Doing the activities that they WANT to do.  I could NEVER talk one-on-one with 1,000 people in 5 days!  So – a win!

[Tweet “Sometimes we fall short on a BIG goal – but imagine what happens when we keep going!”]

But, realistically, I was still a bit bummed.  Maybe you can relate.  Have  you set a goal before . . . and then fell short?  It can be discouraging.

So, I took a step back, tried to look at the experience logically, and evaluate the process.  So – what did I learn?

  • I now have a better understanding of key words, rank, and Amazon
  • I have an idea of how many downloads it may take to break into the top #100
  • People WANT to help – you just need to ask!
  • Setting a goal and NOT hitting it is OK

Because – you see – though I didn’t break the top #100 during my free promo, my book is currently ranking #6 out of over 123,000 books in the category of Time Management.  Whooo Hoooo!!!

Before my promo – I have NO idea where I was ranking, I just know it wasn’t in the top 200!  (After that, I stopped looking!!!)

Imagine where I would be had I NOT set the goal of breaking into the top #100.  Imagine how many more people I can touch when Your Time, Your Life is on the front page of results vs. buried somewhere in the back.

Imagine what is possible the next time I launch a book.  

See – the important part of this post isn’t that I didn’t reach my goal – it’s that the goal I set was sooooooooooooooooo HUGE, that even when I didn’t hit it, I still accomplished great things!  So though I “failed” at achieving this goal – I was still successful!

Imagine what is possible the next time YOU set a HUGE goal!!!

Your turn – have you ever set a goal – and then fell short?  What “lesson” did you learn?  Please share!

Now is the perfect time to increase your time management strategies with My Time, My Life.  If you are ready to spend LESS time doing what you HAVE to do, and MORE time doing what you WANT to do – download this book!