People want to help.  Really.  This I can most definitely tell you today.  The key is, you need to ask!

Let me tell you a story . . .

I had written a book for a telesummit I was to be a part of – and then hadn’t done much with it.

While talking with a friend of mine about this book, she shared she would be happy to format it for Kindle.  (If I remember her exact words “Lisa, I see you as an author.  Let me help you get your book out there.”)  So – I thought – nothing ventured, nothing gained.    So, I stepped out and “let her” put my book on Amazon for Kindle.

Now, my book had been out there for a couple of months . . . selling a couple of copies (and by couple . . . I mean 4!).  Though it was out there . . . and I included a link to it in my signature line on my email . . . and mentioned once on Facebook and once at a networking meeting . . . I really didn’t tell many people about it.   (Yep – I was that “undercover author” you hear so much about!)

I can definitely say I wasn’t living according to my guiding principals of “Be a well respected business woman” and “Close your eyes and take the leap when things get scary”.   You see – once people knew about my book – they might read it.  AND WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T LIKE IT?

Of course, that wasn’t what I told myself.  What I told myself was

  • I just don’t have the time / money / resources to figure out how to market this book.
  • It’s a great book, people will find it.
  • It’s enough that I’m an author on Amazon.  (Kind of like – it’s an honor to be nominated!)

So, once again, a friend stepped in to help.  “I have a great resource”, he said.  “You really should get your book out there”, he said.  So I started working with someone who KNOWS how to market a book on Amazon.  Key words.  Which category to put it in.  Free Promos.

So – if you are counting – I’ve stepped out 3 times so far

  1. Created the book
  2. Put it on Amazon
  3. Worked with someone who knows how to promote it on Amazon

Still – this isn’t the biggest step.

Your Time, Your Life: Vision. Focus. Results

Today, I stepped out and ASKED my friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues, and clients to download my book.

 Plus, I asked them to share the link within their circles of influence.

Of all the steps out – this was the toughest!

But guess what . .  They downloaded!  They shared!

It’s been 6 hours since I stepped out – and so far I’m just a little under 250 downloads.   Not bad for someone that didn’t tell anyone she wrote a book!!

So now, I’m stepping out and asking you.  Will you take a look at my book?  Download it?  Share it with your circle of influence?  Leave a review?   It’s FREE on Amazon for a limited time.  Now is the perfect time to increase your time management stategies with My Time, My Life:  Vision. Focus. Results. 


Your turn . . . when have you stepped out and stepped up?  Please post below!

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