Are you always presenting the best version of you?  When you are running behind – you give the impression that you are disorganized, possibly even selfish.  When you are shuffling papers and looking for items in your bag – you are not exactly projecting an air of confidence.

When I work with clients on creating the life they want to live by implementing strong time management strategies – we often veer into other areas.  Really, creating the life you want to live is more than just being organized and getting to work on time!  One of the areas we explore is defining their ideal world.  What does the best version of their life look like? What does the best version of themselves look like?

For today’s guest post I asked Image Consultant, Traci McBride of TeeMcBee Image Consulting to offer some advice on you can put your best foot forward – each and every day!


Traci McBride

Traci McBride’s 30 plus years experience in direct sales, marketing and fashion have provided her with the foundation for the career she enjoys today as an Image & Wardrobe Stylist.  Her business, TeeMcBee Image Consulting, is a multifaceted organization specializing in the personal and professional brand of its clients. TeeMcBee’s mission is simple: to aid people and businesses in polishing their most valuable asset — themselves.

Traci’s accolades include: training & certification by Stacy London of TLC Network’s “What Not to Wear”, plus endorsement by Stacy London’s Style for Hire, features in newscasts on local FOX8 and WKYC news, as well as Cleveland Business Connect. She is also a regular contributor to CBC’s online magazine. Traci serves on the Board of Directors for Cleveland’s chapter of Dress for Success and regularly volunteers as a stylist and sponsors fundraisers to benefit the cause.

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When you “run to the store” wearing sweats – are you presenting an air of confidence?  (Believe me – I ALWAYS see a potential or former client when I run to the store and am looking less than my best!)


I totally believe when we do that everything & everyone around us benefits and moves forward in a positive direction!

Investing in yourself depends on where you are right now, today.

  • Perhaps for some readers it’s as simple as splurging on a good face wash and not washing your face with soap.
  • Maybe it’s a little more expensive to have your hair professionally color treated to avoid the brassy and trashy color you keep getting out of the $7.00 box.

I know it can hurt the budget, but this investment can affect the way others see you and the assumptions they are making about you.  If you are meeting someone for the first time and know nothing about them all you have to go on is the image they are presenting.  You can determine a person’s self value, education, income level and level of success from their image.

Okay, now maybe some of you totally non-judgmental people abhor that statement, but you do it on some level – sub-consciously.  We’ve been doing it since we were cavemen, for goodness sake.  Cavemen determined if you were a worthy adversary by the animal fur you wore!  I’m fascinated by this subject, and just picked up Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, which focuses on a person’s immediate reaction and decision when meeting someone in the first 20 seconds or less.

Now, as an image consultant I truly believe your image is the place to begin to invest, as it will affect every relationship, with yourself, personal and business, and you will enjoy a major return on your investment immediately!

Here are some other things to consider as well.

  • Workshops:  Improve skills in presentations, speaking, leadership, networking, and social media.
  • Volunteering: Invest in your community, advancing hope and well-being, sharing your skills & passion.

Even if you are the most skilled hair stylist, manager, CPA, attorney, sales representative, fundraiser, realtor, doctor, consultant, health advisor, nurse, reporter, banker, event planner, photographer, aesthetician, marketing guru, health fitness expert, travel agent, financial planner, professional trainer you will lose opportunities and business if your personal image doesn’t reflect your expertise and credibility – all day, every day.  So how do you know whether your image matches or not?

Look at what you are wearing every day:

  • Do you like what you see in your FULL length mirror?  Do have a full length mirror?
  • Do you repeatedly wear the same thing to networking events, meetings etc.?
  • Do you think the basic black suit is the right thing to wear to every event?
  • Do you look older than you really are?
  • Are you hiding behind over-sized clothing? or wearing elastic waisted pants?
  • Do you take casual Friday seriously?
  • Do you feel confident every single day with what you are wearing?
  • Are you wearing your power colors?  Do you know what they are?
  • Are you sending mixed signals with your image and body language?
  • Are people drawn to you or do you have to always go up to them and introduce yourself?

Are you ready for a professional Fresh Perspective?  If you would like to elevate your position in life, either personally or professionally, know that I’m here for you – and it is the best way to “INVEST IN YOURSELF…CREATE YOUR ECONOMY” tm



Do you invest in yourself?  Additional thoughts?  Please post below!