This past week I was asked by a couple of people – how do I know if I need help?  If I’m going through each day crossing items off a list – wouldn’t I feel productive?  How do I know if I’m not actually being productive?

This is a great question – and it reminds me of the 4 Stages of Competence.  If you “don’t know what you don’t know” – how could you  – why would you – ask for help?

Traci McBride, of Indelible Impression with Tee McBee recently asked the question, “What are the most common time frustrations your clients face?”

Can you relate to either of these scenarios?

  • Busy all the time, but feeling dissatisfied because you aren’t reaching your next goal?
  • Frantically trying to juggle family, career, volunteer, and “me time” only to find each segment is getting smaller and smaller until “career” is taking over?

This is common!  If you can relate to these scenarios – and you are ready for a change – I suggest finding some resources to assist you in regaining balance in your life.

Your solution could be . . .

  • to read some books on time management.  I’ve noted a few of my favorites here in my Amazon Store.
  • to read some previous blog posts on time management, awareness, structure, and reducing overwhelm.
  • to contact a friend or colleague that was recently in a similar situation and ask for advice
  • to contact a professional coach
  • to leave a comment below asking for more resources

If you can’t relate to these scenarios, then I urge you to post below!  What are some of your strategies you use to retain balance in your life?

If you find that you are struggling to create balance in your life – I’d love to assist.  I pride myself in creating and adapting solutions for all of my clients.   Sign up for a No Obligation Find More Time Strategy Session. During this session you will gain clarity on your goals, uncover the hidden obstacles to your success, and leave energized to design the life of your dreams.  You are guaranteed to have at least one Ah-Ha moment and actionable idea that will catapult your plan to success.  What do you have to lose?