It’s universal – we all want more money and more time.  Once we spend our money  – we can still make more.  But once we “spend” our time, it’s gone forever.

So why do we tend to “waste time” every day?  For most of us, wasting time isn’t intentional, it just “happens.”  It’s frustrating to get to the end of your day and realize you didn’t accomplish your most important tasks – to feel like you spent another day super busy but no closer to accomplishing your goals.


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So many ideas on how to work efficiently are examined in this blog – here are a few to review.

  1. Checklists
  2. Delegating
  3. Calendar Strategies
  4. Prioritizing
  5. Eliminating Distractions

So, what can you do?

  1. Pick one of the areas listed above and become really skilled in that area.
  2. Create a “Don’t Do List.” Create a list of the activities that you regularly spend your time on that you know aren’t getting you closer to your goals (scrolling through Facebook, watching TV, volunteering for 8 different organizations, playing Spider Solitaire, shopping for shoes online . . .).  Vow to eliminate or limit the time spent in these activities.
  3. Be mindful throughout your day. Stay hyper-focused on where you are choosing to spend your time and how those tasks relate to your goals and values.

You’ll find that with practice you’ll spend your time much more wisely  -and productively!

Your turn! Tell me – what tools and tricks are you using to stay on target without wasting time? Comment below!

When you can’t quite figure out how to reduce or eliminate these “wasteful” tasks, it might be time for a little coaching.

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(Image credit Stuart Miles)