As we near the end of the year, it’s normal to feel “busier.” Let’s be honest – you are a multifaceted human. You have personal and professional commitments – and probably not a ton of “free time.” Then, the end of the year rolls around and we throw in 4th quarter goals, winter holidays (that come with multiple celebrations), and possibly lots of shopping.  How can you possibly fit it all in?  Do you even want to fit it all in?

Get clear!!!!!!

You have 168 hours in the week.

How would you like to spend your time?  This is your life – design it!

FYI – being honest with yourself about how you want to spend your time is the strategy you need to implement in order to change the “I’m so busy – I can’t possibly get it all done!” mentality.

(If you are ready to implement now, skip reading the rest of this post and download my Magic 168 Action Guide.)

Start now!  How would you like to spend your time?  How many hours each week do you want to work?  Play? Holiday Activities?  Goals?  Volunteer?  Write it all down.

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Don’t forget to add in sleeping, eating, showering . . .

And commuting to work, picking up groceries . . .

Then add all the numbers up – remember we have 168 hours in the week!

Here’s your new awareness piece!!!!!

Many of my clients find that their number is MUCH higher than 168, so once they subtract, they have a negative number! No wonder they “can’t get everything done.” They are trying to fit 29 hours into a 24 hour day!!!!

If your number is above 168, what can you do?  (Remember, having the new awareness doesn’t do you any good if you don’t make some changes!!)

You MUST go back to each category and adjust the number of hours you want to devote to the category until you can equal 168 – otherwise you are walking down a path of disappointment each week!  This doesn’t mean that you abandon your goals.  It only means you need to become realistic about what you can do right now – and plan for that reality!

Possibly you delegate some tasks.

Maybe you plan for some activities every other week instead of every week.

Maybe you postpone a project until the first of the year.

(For additional strategic time management suggestions – visit previous posts on delegating, checklists and calendar strategies.)

I’ve created the Magic 168 Action Guide to help walk you through this process.  It’s my gift to you – because this “I’m so busy feeling” is NO FUN!  This guide gives you a framework for the steps I outlined above so you can easily take action toward successfully planning your week. You can do this!

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