When you have dozens of tasks on a bursting-at-the-seams to do list, you just have to work harder, right?


This is the time to work SMARTER, not harder, and hand some of those tasks to someone else. After all, there are only 168 hours in your week, and when you try to do EVERYTHING, you’ll either forget about or neglect to do something important – for work, for your family, or most importantly, for yourself.

My clients know that the quickest way to get some breathing room is to delegate. It makes sense – each time you can take a task off your plate you’ve just “created time” to work towards your priorities and goals. If you delegated one 30-minute task each day, you could create 3 ½ hours at the end of a week, 14 hours by the end of a month!

Thank you so much for the class! I had a big  “ah ha” moment in realizing that although I know I have a problem with delegating there are concrete steps I can take to overcome it. I actually delegated a letter to a board member today and he was great about it. – Stacia Clawson, Executive Director, Chardon Area Chamber of Commerce

But if you have never delegated to someone before you may be intimidated by the idea and offer up all sorts of excuses.

  • “I tried to delegate in the past and  was frustrated with the outcome.”
  • “I don’t have anyone to delegate to.
  • “By the time I teach someone to do this, I could have just done it myself!”

Ready for delegating to be a breeze?  Ready to regain control of your calendar and business?

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