What you think about, you bring about!  I’ve heard this saying for much of my life, but just recently have I started to really concentrate on positive thinking.  Specifically, I’ve been doing some internal work around asking for (and expecting to receive) what I want.

As I’m working on this inner journey, I had the opportunity to meet Ellen “Sam” Scheer at a networking event.  Because of her energetic and caring personality, I decided to ask her to create a quote for my business, home and auto insurance policies.  (This was me – asking for what I wanted!)

I was surprised when she wanted to have a conversation with me about how my business was structured.  Because I usually check my rates every 6 months, shopping for the least expensive option, I’ve been insured by 3 different insurance agencies in the last few years – and the majority of my communication was via email.  But this isn’t how Sam operates(I never realized it could be different, and never thought to ask – but lucky me .  . . Sam just does!!!)

She met with me in person and took the time to really understand what I do as a time strategy visionary to ensure my business was accurately insured.  She explained the different auto and home coverage options – and we discovered my autos were underinsured and my business was incorrectly insured.  I had no idea the risk I had put my family in by being an uninformed consumer.

Since I had always shopped by price – I equated great customer service with higher premiums.  I truly figured customer service was a luxury I couldn’t afford.   Oh, did I mention I was wrong?!

Sam cut my business insurance rates in half!

I am consistently impressed with Sam’s professionalism and service oriented attitude.  She signs her emails “Simply Grateful” and I really do feel she values me and is grateful for my business.

I recommend contacting Ellen Sam Scheer for an insurance quote today!


When have you practiced asking for what you want?  Do you have a example of great customer service?  I would love it if you would comment below – I love to read about your successes!