When is “good enough” good enough? When is “perfection” the only option? As a motivated professional you KNOW that sometimes perfection truly is the only answer. Other times as long as you finish a project that is considered success.

The key is knowing the difference!

One of my clients (I’ll call her Kim) really struggles to send out a marketing piece to her prospects on a consistent basis. The irony? Her business is marketing! She does GREAT work for her clients. However, when it comes to sending HER stuff out into the world, she struggles because she feels it must be not just be perfect, but innovative, and fresh, and contain multiple parts, and . . and . . and . . and . .

However, the reality is as long as she sends SOMETHING to her list, her business is staying “top of mind.”

So, what’s the answer?!

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Kim has created two sets of standards.

Standard #1 – If she had unlimited resources, what would the marketing piece look like? If she had all the time in the world, all the creative mental energy, and an unlimited budget, what would she create? Here she can go WILD listing all the possibilities: videos, case studies, interactive surveys, pop-up mailers, etc.

Standard #2 – Minimally, what does the piece need in order for her to feel it looks “professional”? Here is where she lists her non-negotiables: grammatically correct, one trackable link, a creative graphic, etc.

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So now when Kim begins to create a marketing piece, she sets a definition for success based on her current reality. Each piece must hit standard #2. However, based on the available resources she can pick and choose from options in Standard #1. Sometimes she is able to include multiple options. Other times she doesn’t include any from Standard #1. And that is OK!

By setting a definition of success BEFORE she begins the marketing piece, Kim knows when she is “done.” She can realistically assess her current reality, and create a piece that fits this reality. This allows her to consistently contact her list since she knows the biggest part of her success as a marketer is to stay top of mind!

Are you struggling to overcome perfection? Try creating two sets of standards. The “ideal” and the “minimal” and then pick the definition of success based on the project!

Stuck on this concept? Feeling over committed to perfectionism and out of control? You need to figure out a way to make this all easier. Reach out for help – schedule a complimentary Productivity Breakthrough Session with me!

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